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Turn Buyers into Listings with THE BUYERS LETTER

“Last month I dropped 500 buyers letters into my area.
Just 500. I had 12 responses and received 2 listings”

Justin Loncaric. Keller Williams Burlington Ontario Canada

I wish I could tell you I invented this little beauty but I can't claim it.

It came to quite by accident at a seminar one day. 

A bunch of us were standing around drinking bad coffee talking about the market. There were plenty of buyers but very few listings.

Then one guy told me he used a letter that had an impressive strike rate if you wrote the letter correctly and used the right scripts. I stalked him until he gave it to me :-)

Long story short, you find a red hot buyer and write a letter for them to help them find a property then get it out into the area where they want to buy.

It works because the letter comes from an actual buyer NOT an agent.

Anyway, I went home from the seminar, found a hot buyer and got the letter out the very next week.

I dropped about 2500 letters, got at least 20 calls which converted to about 12 listing appointments and 5 listings. With an average fee of $10,000 I made $50,000 in gross commission all from one letter.

But then something even more awesome happened.

The 'ripple' effect from all that activity helped me win a heap more listings and sales in the year that followed. I'm estimating at least another $50,000 but it was probably more.

I went from standing still to crazy busy in 7 days and it didn't stop.

When I started coaching agents I have given them the letter and they’ve had awesome success as well.

But as you'll see in my notes, there are some critical things to get right.

Obviously there are no guarantees with this, but if you follow my instructions, it’s a snap to get your letter together and get it out into your area and make your phone ring with potential sellers.

In fact, I would suggest you get at least one of these out every month. You will not be disappointed!