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The Ultimate Listing Presentation & Pre-Listing Kit Downloadable PDF and Audio

Imagine that every time you’re invited to make a listing presentation, you have a beautifully prepared and very powerful procedure that simplifies the whole process.

The Ultimate Listing Presentation is a proven two step process comprising 1. The Pre-Listing Kit and 2, The Actual Presentation. It’s a 28 page document and guide where I go into specific detail so you will know exactly why it works and how you can start using it today. As you will see, when you open and start reading, both the Pre-Listing kit and the actual Listing Presentation are strategically linked. One won’t work without the other but the power of their combined effect is career changing! I also show you how to avoid the classic ‘Price Shock’ syndrome where so many listings are lost. I give you the ’emotional price’ versus ‘logical price’ script (killer) and show you how the whole presentation comes together by letting your seller build the meeting agenda setting you up for the perfect close.

After I wrote the manual, I started getting awesome feedback from agents so I decided to record it. Simple repetition provides an amazing boost to power learning, which is why I’ve recorded the entire Listing Presentation manual plus the Pre-Listing Kit rundown. I’ll give you every detail to include so your complete listing system is fully automated and ready and waiting to impress the heck out of your sellers. Think about it: We spend months and often years building these valuable relationships with potential sellers. But tragically, so many listings are lost because of a poor presentation and a sad (or non existent) Pre-Listing Kit.