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How to make $100,000 a month in real estate

This is the master blueprint that is building careers and making agents seriously rich. I believe ANYONE who implements these 16 steps into their business with discipline and consistency will do the same.

Here's what you'll discover

  • The number 1 success action you need to do that most agents don’t

  • The hidden goldmine of income ignored by 95% of agents

  • The most productive prospecting idea you will ever do that’s basically free

  • How to build a highly valuable resource for free that can get you extra sales every month for the rest of your career

  • The annual prospecting direct mail plan and what to send

  • The essential contact ‘touch points’ needed to keep your listing pipeline full to overflowing

  • The right action trails for high value follow up and how to automate it

  • How to boost your chances of getting the listing at every listing appointment

  • How to grade your listings and prioritize motivated sellers using deadline marketing strategies

  • The most important long-term success action that makes good agents great (it’s also free)

  • How to hire a great assistant and how to know when the time is right

  • How to build in more value than your competition and market it as part of your personal brand

  • How to increase personal accountability to boost your numbers month after month

  • The importance of breaking down your daily Key Performance Indicators and how to reach them

  • Leveraging the power of a great real estate software system and the essential actions it MUST perform to help you every day