“Real estate success is so much faster with the right tools”


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How to Kickstart your Real Estate Career

It absolute garbage!

In fact, I believe the whole idea of earning your stripes, paying your dues and slowly working your way up to success is complete rubbish.

I’m appalled to know the turnover rate in real estate is so high but I’m 100% convinced the main reason is new agents are poorly hired or advised (to get into real estate) then either neglected, get little training, fail to invest in themselves or spend the vast majority of their time doing the wrong things.

I’m also appalled to see new agents taking ‘tips’ from dinosaurs and useless wannabes who don’t have a clue what top agents do and never will.

Here’s the thing: We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So why is it that less than 20% of agents are making 90% of the big money in real estate while the rest are trying to get there?

If you’re less than 3 years into your real estate career and not thinking that it’s all it’s cracked up to be then ‘Kickstart’ will not only get you back on track but re-direct your focus into the right areas.

In fact, much of what you’ll discover in Kickstart is based on my own success hiring and coaching agents that quickly started earning BIG money in their first couple of years. Boom!!

Kickstart is a 52-page printable .pdf that will take you through the essential basics of real estate success.

This isn’t rocket science and I can’t think of too many great agents with degrees or lots of letters after their names. So don’t be intimidated by the big money and your potential to earn it. All you need is an experienced helping hand in the right direction.

Let me give you the heads up so there are no surprises… Real Estate success is all about winning Listings and listings come from contacts.

Here’s what you’ll discover in How to Kickstart your Real Estate Career.

  • The little known secret to kicking off your career from Day 1
  • The best way to channel your rookie agent energy to get BIG results
  • Why ANY new agent can host the ground running
  • The 4 main reasons why many new agents fail
  • The 10 essential real estate success secrets
  • How to tune your real estate mindset for peak performance
  • How to understand the process
  • The power of taking names and why each contact is worth $1250
  • Setting up the most important success tool that most agents ignore
  • How to develop your Unique Selling Proposition that will set you apart from EVERY other agent in town
  • How to build your profile and creating your personal marketing plan
  • How to set up and build your business referral network
  • Why super agents use a mentor and the power of support
  • How to get your first 100 contacts

How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career is a specific and direct summary of what MUST be done to achieve success. Knowledge, enthusiasm, courage, passion and a plan can overcome almost any challenge.

Let’s discover how you can fast track your success by Kickstarting Your Real Estate Career. The more you know about what lies ahead, the better prepared you will be to succeed.

Real Estate success is knowing more about marketing your services than anything else. You may know all there is to know about property but your success will come by selling the service that sells the property. Knowing the difference is the key to your success.