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Direct Mail Power. Real Estate's most powerful and proven direct mail letters (Printable pdf and audio program)

Direct Mail Power is a collection of my all-time BEST direct mail letters. In addition to giving you the letters I also explain the actual formula behind a highly effective direct mail piece and why it works. (You'll be downloading audio files to play on the go, a printable pdf and word doc so you can cut and paste)

For years I studied the direct mail experts then crafted these letters to apply the rules of direct mail to real estate.

These are the actual letters I used to grow my real estate business through a severe real estate recession and they helped me set up a HUGE contact list of very loyal clients.

Those days were the most challenging times of my career but these letters won me more business than I could possibly imagine. They are my babies and I love them. This is your chance to install them into your business and reap the benefits enjoyed by so many agents.

This is another program I did that agents loved so I recorded it as well. I often get messages from agents telling me how classic these letters are and how well they work. Whether you’re connecting with former buyers or sellers, letter dropping for listings, or chasing expired or FSBOs, there’s a letter here for every situation.