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Aaron Shiner's Scripts & Dialogues. The Complete Package including 12 Career Boosting Bonuses Valued at $2000 (All Immediate Digital Downloads)

"Real Estate Scripts & Dialogues will give you the EXACT tools you need for every occasion to help you secure more listings and make more sales. These are the tools I have used to build my career" 

Aaron ShinerReal Estate Agent, Trainer & High Performance Coach

Please Note: This is a MASSIVE offer. You get more than 80 individual files including 10 Audio files where Aaron takes you step-by-step through the ENTIRE process from prospecting to negotiating the sale and advance client care, retention and follow up

You get all 12 of Aaron's VERY BEST Real Estate Tools and Systems to start using today!

  • Eliminate good-month-bad month syndrome forever
  • Never struggle for listings and sales again
  • Copy and paste the ideas that make good agents great
  • Get the tools you need to build your system and drive your success

8 things Real Estate Scripts and Dialogues Will Do For You:

  1. The exact words to use while prospecting. We take a close look at different dialogues to help you convert warm and cold prospects to book in the listing appointment and how to get a YES if the client says no.

  2. Getting Pre-Sold BEFORE you arrive. We take a close look at the exact 12 pre-listing questions to use to help you secure the listing and standout from the competition.

  3. We take a close look at the key questions to ask in the listing presentation that will help you secure more listings and help build rapport and connect with your clients on a deeper level.

  4. We’re going to give you the very best fee defence scripts and dialogues available anywhere so you can ask for and receive the fee you deserve EVERY time no matter what your competitors offer or what your market is like.

  5. We explore the best final closes and trail closes the industries best are using to help them secure the listing and outperform the competition, NO theory or fluff just proven and tested close’s that are battle tested and WORK.

  6. We’re going to train you on how to get Vendor Paid Advertising to ensure you give your vendor the BEST possible chance of reaching EVERY buyer in the marketplace to maximise the sale price and to raise your profile to create more listing opportunities and connect with more potential sellers.

  7. Now you NEVER need to leave vendor communication to chance, we look at the exact dialogues in Vendor communications, Getting offers accepted and the tough conversations around Price Adjustments, we give you the frameworks to implement these strategies into your business immediately.

  8. We look at the exact buyer qualifying questions that will help you discover who the hot buyers are and also if they have a property to SELL. We will also look at the systems for uncovering potential sellers at your OFI’s and explore the exact scripts and dialogues to use when negotiating with buyers to get the best sale price possible.

You’ll also receive these 12 awesome and career boosting success bonuses worth over $2000

Appraisal follow up BLUEPRINT

The Blueprint will seriously boost your chances of turning an appraisal into a listing. We believe this is the most advanced, comprehensive and successful prospect nurture system that has ever been published. You’ll actually be receiving a proven formula of follow up contact ‘touch points’ that take you from appraisal to signing up your seller to sell. You get all the letters, emails, sms messages and phone scripts needed to ensure you remain top-of-mind with ALL your future sellers. This is the actual FULL plan Aaron uses to exclusively list more than 200 listing in a 12 month period.

Aaron’s TOP 5 Solid Gold Prospecting letters

These are the ACTUAL LETTERS Aaron uses to personally list over 200 homes each year. You will want to put them to work the day they arrive. Each letter has been trialled by Aaron and PROVEN in the field. Many of Aaron’s private coaching clients say these letters are some of their best listing generators. WARNING: Prepare to get SUPER BUSY!

Marketing Swipe File

Here are 5 proven real estate marketing designs for you to copy and start using in your area to win more listings and make more sales.

We’ve designed and tested each one so we know they work!

Get started today and set everything up in your marketing calendar so you constantly have a powerful message going out to potential sellers in your area.

All you need to do is take the images to your graphic designer or a service like 99Designs.com to simply copy and customize to your specific needs.

12 Pre-Listing Questions

Getting Pre-Sold BEFORE you arrive is a powerful marketing strategy top agents use to boost their chances of conversion at every listing presentation.

Including these 12 pre-listing questions not only help engage your potential new client, you’re getting valuable feedback to help you present your best and win the listing.

47 Million Dollar SMS/Text templates

Real estate’s top agents keep a list of the very best sms/text scripts handy.

That’s because they know that ONLY a text message really connects with their client and is more likely to get a response.

To help you join the elite agents in our industry, here are 47 proven sms/text templates that are going to come in super handy in the days and weeks ahead.

The Daily 10 Action List

You can’t personally list more than 200 homes a year without a very good plan. Here’s your chance to secure the ACTUAL success blueprint and checklist used by the industries best. You’ll LOVE the simplicity of this valuable document and also the way it inspires motivation and personal accountability.

Aaron’s Key Performer Indicators (KPI) template

Real Estate’s best plan carefully to achieve their desired outcomes. Aaron Shiner’s KPI template details the ‘lead up’ tasks required to reach his monthly target of listings and sales. This clever formula is an essential dashboard in your business. Know where you are or where you should be throughout the month as you focus on the specific actions to bring your working week and month in on target. Agents using this Blueprint are getting great results because the interactive nature of the template helps them stay on track and on target.

Listed to SOLD Follow up Blueprint

Now you NEVER need to leave vendor communication to chance. Listed to SOLD is a specific timed Blueprint that shows how to go from listed to SOLD when to send letters, emails, SMS text messages and make calls. Timing and content is important so this special bonus includes EVERYTHING you need to WOW your current vendors with well-crafted letters and a multi media collection of superb communication options. They’ll slot perfectly into your CRM or general suite of letters and emails etc. This blueprint will help you go from Listed to SOLD.

Aaron Shiner’s Ultimate Pre Listing Kit

This brilliant document has cost Aaron thousands of dollars to create and produce. It’s one of his most powerful secret weapons and a big reason why he continually ‘out-lists’ his completion! You will quickly be able to build your customised version at a fraction of the cost and time it took Aaron.

Aaron Shiner’s Real Estate Roadmap

The Real Estate Road Map breaks down the customer life cycle and gives you the exact actions to take in each of the 7 areas of the customer life cycle. Designed to be put up at your work station for quick reference to help you focus on key dollar productive activates.

8 Buyer qualifying questions that will save you time and make you money

Many agents often become hostage to unmotivated or unprepared buyers which leaves them little time to focus on the valuable career building actions they should be doing to get more good listings and make more sales.

Real estate success is about becoming an A Class lister but spending time with C Grade buyers eats into essential dollar productive actions. It’s simply bad business and a poor use of your time.

But these 8 short buyer qualifying questions will quickly tell you if a buyer is ready to go or just wasting your time

The Anniversary Follow-Up Blueprint

Industry experts estimate less than 2% of agents maintain any meaningful ongoing relationship with buyers and sellers after the deal is done. This means 98% of agents are turning their back on a waterfall of future business. These 12 proven follow up anniversary letters will let you build the all-important foundation of your client-for-life blueprint or add to the one you already have. Either way, get ready to win repeat business and lucrative referrals when you plug these relation keeping letters into your system.