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11 Gold Medal Telephone Scripts that most real estate agents don’t use (or don’t even know about)

I believe there's nothing more productive than blocking out an hour or two each morning and hitting the phones. Any successful agent will tell you how this all-important prospecting time is responsible for their success.

But while all agents know it’s essential to their success, most get call reluctance because they’re not sure what to say.

When it’s all said and done, there are only 11 telephone scripts needed to take care of 95% of ALL calls made. But the funny thing is, most agents don’t use them or don’t even know about them.
I believe these scripts are probably the most valuable component in the whole package because they really focus on the dollar productive actions essential to your ever-increasing success.

Note: These scripts are also included in another product at THIS WEBSITE. It's called '60 PROVEN Real Estate Scripts for Every possible Situation) Check it out here