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Working from Roam. My personal Tools & Resources Guide to help you start and run a business from anywhere. (eBook)

Whatever you do and wherever you live and work, technology has given us some amazing career boosting and time saving tools. Here are the tools I use to drive and grow my business.

14 Page eBook Includes:

  • 21 Tools & Resources I use to Work From Roam
  • How to wake up cashed up! 10 Steps to monetizing your passion
  • The 4 stages to setting up your Working From Roam business
  • The 7 key areas for huge and trending potential growth

What do you mean I can’t work here?

At the age of 48 I sold my home in Australia, bought a one-way ticket and moved to Canada because I wanted to be with my children. Call me stupid but I was totally unprepared for the fact that I would not be allowed to earn an income in Canada. I could not undertake any education. I could not even get any kind of mortgage, medical insurance or health care and if things weren’t bad enough, the longest I could stay was 6 months before crossing the border and applying to come back. I was on my own and starting from scratch.

Getting started wasn’t easy but being with my kids and actively involved as a dad in their lives was more important than anything. I HAD to find a way to make it work and fast!

THANK GOD for the Internet!

I quickly developed a business plan to grow Bestagents as a membership support and marketing group and offered tech savvy agents exclusive area rights to use my tools and concepts.

Even though I was in Canada, my Australian client base of real estate professionals was only a phone call, text or email away. I could make this work!

I read and studied everything I could on Internet Marketing and how to create an income online. I quickly became familiar with the very best technology tools I would need to start, build and grow my new venture.

I started to develop online shopping websites that were much more primitive than the one you’re looking at now and offered training concepts for sale. I focused on the essential tools agents need to excel and carefully wrote instructions on the very best way to implement everything.

Recently, I put most of what I know into a book I called Working From Roam. I then wrote this Tools & Resources Guide as a way to share the ideas I use and how each one works.

I believe everyone has a gift they can share with others. Everyone has life skills and unique learned knowledge in a certain area. I’m passionate about marketing and proud of my personal achievement to overcome the obstacles and stay with my kids here in Canada.

My Tools & Resources Guide will not only get you thinking about the opportunities available right now to build an online business but give you the heads up on the best technology and ideas you’ll need to make it happen.

 Who knows, maybe you’ll be Working From Roam soon too.