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Mastering Facebook

How to build a huge loyal following of raving fans without advertising, annoying people, risking friendships or being salesy.

For many in real estate, Facebook looms large as this huge marketing opportunity that we’re not quite sure how to use.

The Mastering Facebook explainer eBook highlights the 10 things every agent needs to know BEFORE they start going BIG on Social Media.

These 10 points will get you headed in the right direction. Why not get started today?

  1. Personal page or business page?
  2. How to engage new people you meet as a real estate agent
  3. How to blog and post for maximum results
  4. Social proof and the power of connections
  5. What to post on Facebook
  6. When to post
  7. Why it’s important to like stuff
  8. Tech savvy property owners are looking for a tech savvy agent
  9. From Zero to 4000 followers in a year
  10. Exploring the advertising option

“Ray Wood is without doubt the master marketing authority in the real estate space. These tools are a central part of my marketing and help me win extra business all the time.”– Troy Kincaid