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7 Proven Listing Presentation Closes

We've all been there... The listing presentation is done and it’s pretty obvious why you’re still there.

The tragic reality is that way too many listings are lost at the close and the reason is often that the agent is lost for words.

“How can I help the seller choose me as their agent with sounding salesy or pushy?”
There are some absolutely brilliant closing scripts out there in real estate land and I believe these are 7 of the best.

Sometimes just one will work or sometimes you need a combo of 2 or 3 to help your seller realise that you are the solution they’ve been searching for.

Do what I did when I first got hold of this list: I would sit it in my presentation binder and take a quick glance over it to see which close I wanted to use when the time came. It gave me confidence and so much success.

Let’s remember, the seller has called you in because they are looking for leadership and direction. Use these 7 closes to make sure they choose you as there agent.

Real Estate's top agents keep a ready suite of powerful listing presentation closes so they're NEVER stuck for words when it comes to getting a seller's signature. Sometimes you need more than 2 or 3 and this list of closes is guaranteed to get you appointed.

“Ray’s real estate marketing tools and personal branding ideas are the best things I have ever used. In the last month, just one idea won me 10 listings, 7 sales and $45,000 in commission.”– Ray Rounds

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